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New tea 2024_Kagoshima Prefecture Tanegashima Matsuju has arrived!

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Shincha 2024 Tanegashima Shincha Shouju is in stock now!
Tanegashima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture, is known as the earliest tea-growing area in Japan, and is K-GAP certified.

Hatsumonotsu" is a good omen. In Japan, it has been believed that eating the first harvest of the season brings good fortune and prolongs one's life.

Thoughts of Tea >>

In 2024, the water color of the tea is light yellowish green.
You can enjoy the tea from the second brewing onwards. Tea picking was done on a day with typhoon-like strong winds.
The brownish tips of the leaves on the tea leaves remind us of the strong winds on Tanegashima Island that affected the tea leaves.
The brown tips of the leaves remind us of the strong winds of Tanegashima.

Amount of new tea 50g ¥1,080, 100g ¥2,160
You can choose the quantity of grams you want.

Shelf life: March 2025

Hatsumonotsu means the beginning of the season.

Tanegashima shincha is the first one that marks the beginning of the season.
In Tanegashima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture, tea harvesting begins in late March.

Wishing everyone good health and full of happiness
With this in mind
We are pleased to offer you Tanegashima Shincha "SHOUJU".

The variety of tea tree, Shoju, is grown as an early maturing variety suited to the mild climate of Tanegashima.
It is named after Shoujuin-sama, the female lord of the Tanegashima family, who is the aunt of Princess Atsuhime.

Sustainable + Japanese Tea

For sustainable tea culture
What Chajikuyu Space can do
Communicate the diversity of tea leaves to our customers.
the charm and individuality of tea leaves.
We deliver the story of tea leaves and the how to of tea time and space.

We hope you enjoy our tea.

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